Imlek, A Warning, Commemoration in The Wood Tiger Year
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Imlek, A Warning, Commemoration in The Wood Tiger YearImlek seemed the longest Liong Lampion never end attraction. Liong represented a dragon. The attraction required 200 people. They played the liong as representation of togetherness. The value of togetherness continued by China young generation.

Imlek mixed many kinds of ornament like  lanterns, lampions, angpao, candle, mercun and many others. Every ornament represented differents means. The lantern symbolized a life. The people glowed  the fireworks as a battled symbol to Nian. In the China mythology, Nian believed as an animal which caused human death. The Nian be supposed to chase away at the first day of Imlek.

The Imlek became a greatest momentoum. Imlek celebrated according to the moon calendar. In the Chinese calendar, 2010 represented as the tiger year. The detail revealed as the wood tiger year. A tiger symbolized a strong character and an authoritative bearing. The Chinese interpreted a tiger as a strength and powerful animal but also symbolized a protection. The tiger obtained two moral points. First, the Imlek contained morals such awareness, carefulness and controlees to every people who celebrated. Second, tiger represented a leader. People be supposed to adopt a tiger philosophy. The tiger notified as a leader among the animals. Tiger authorization recognized as a right thing. The animals respected the wisdom and the rightfulness of tiger.

Wood symbolized growth process. Celebration expected that hope growing among Indonesian. The Imlek seemed like a never end attraction: every people expected  for introspections and corrections in a year.

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