PANTAI BARON, Blue Color of The Sea
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PANTAI BARON, Blue Color of The Sea
Baron Beach is a unique beach which has water comes along from mouth of the river, deep of the coastal. The coastal being a unique ecosystem beach which fish, crab and seaweed live in. Baron Beach has cool down waves, being the most favorite dock for fisherman to sell fish, crab and squid. The dock located in a cape, so it protected from wild wave of the south sea. Fisherman likes it, so do tourists, especially children and youth. They can play in the water without any worry.

Going to Baron Beach, there is highland between the road. In  the rainy season, being a beautiful landscape with green view on the hill, but in the dry season being a dry land, so dry that everyone can see the detail of the soil. The mountain surrounding Baron Beach named Seribu Mountain, means of thousands mountains. It lined from west to east, crossing into East Java province at the south.

East side of the Baron Beach is the best location for taking picture in the sun.There's a pendopo, a Javanese traditional house, being shelter for people who taking picture and trekking the hill. The trekker can see beautiful southern Baron Beach which has white sand in the edge of the coastal. From the top, tens ships seen docking at the seashore in the morning, moving fresh fish from their refrigerator into nearest fish market. At the line pedestrian to beach, some little restaurant sells sea delicious menu for tourists dinning, such as fish and shrimp toasted.   

The beach located 20 kilometer from Wonosari City, Gunung Kidul Province capital city. Reaching Wonosari City can drive vehicle or public transportation from Giwangan Bus Station. After finish at Wonosari Bus Station, continued to the Baron Beach by bus or car rental. 

Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Entrance Ticket.
International / Domestic, IDR 5.000

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