LABUHAN ALIT MERAPI, The Symbol of Sacred Ceremony
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LABUHAN ALIT MERAPI, The Symbol of Sacred Ceremony
Mount Merapi is not only a mountain, but also a sacred symbol in Jogjakarta mystic. It connected with Islam Mataram on Java. As part of the natural balance, Mount Merapi is located in the balance sheet with Parangtritis Beach in the south of Yogyakarta. In the middle of a Sacred Mountain of the linear and the sea, there are Kraton Yogyakarta as an axis, and the heart of Jogjakarta.

Prevent the balance of nature, Merapi Mountain has a cleansing ritual to keep the Javanese, their sacred respect. It was named Labuhan, threw a basket of fruit and live stock on the second stop of Mount Merapi. Drag the locals steep hill and take the basket on the mount.

The Labuhan Merapi Ceremony is held one day after the Commemoration of the Sultan's coronation. The Labuhan Ceremony is held on the 30th of Javanese month. On the same day, Labuhan Parangkusumo, threw the holy gifts to the sea.

The ritual is a tribute to Prince Sapujagat, ruler of Mount Merapi. The procession starts from the hamlet of Kinahrejo at 6:30 am lead by Mbah Marijan's son, Asih. And traveled up and misty approximately two hours towards Bangsal Sri Maganti (vegetation boundery) the location of labuhan procession.

Asih is successor of his own late father (Mbah Maridjan) as caretaker and messenger King of Jogjakarta to deliver the holy gift to the ruler of Mount Merapi. Labuhan was attended not only by the local people, but also the people from outside the area, hoping to get a blessing from the Creator.

Teks & Photo : Stevan Mandagi

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