MUSEUM BAHARI, Miniature of Indonesian Maritime
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MUSEUM BAHARI, Miniature of Indonesian Maritime
Bahari Museum has a unique building design. In front of building, the visitors can find a miniature of forecastle or anjungan (a front part of naval ship). The visitors have to pay 1,000 rupiah to get much information about Bahari Museum. A friendly guide named Sutrisna will visitors to get information in the museum.

The museum was built in 2008, finished in 2009. Before officially declared as Bahari Museum on April 25th 2009, this building was a place of birth of Didik Heru Purnomo. He was a Laksamana (admiral) of Naval Academy in Indonesian National Armed Forces. Bahari Museum is located on RE. Martadinata (Wirobrajan) Street 69, Jogjakarta. It is divided into 4 rooms. The first room is a display area to save antique furniture of Didik and his wife's collection such as sets of glass and cup, and souvenirs from other countries where have been visited. You can find a shop that sell naval souvenirs which t-shirts, books, buckles, key hangers, sarongs, and lamps which cost 4,000 until 40,000 rupiah. Second room is display area to save equipments of Indonesian National Armed Forces that are used in a war craft which telescopes, torpedo, projectiles caliber 20 millimeters until 140 millimeters, ancient telegraph, miniature of war craft and planes, miniature of cadet (title for troops of the Naval Academy).

Third room is the forecastle, a navigator room. You can find equipments that use in navigator room, such as a steering wheel; gyro compass; radar navigation to inform ship position and surface of sea condition; table map to describe the deepness, shallowness, and to observe the navigation sign and the activity of mining location; radio communication; etc. All equipments are original, because they're taken from ship that isn't operated anymore. Now, Bahari Museum has totally 500 collection items.

The last room is audio visual room, just like a small theatre. The visitor can see the movie about Indonesian maritime, one of them is entitled Pengawal Samudra which has 15 minutes duration. Besides being established for tourism destination, Bahari Museum also containing education and information function. This museum is open everyday for public at 9 am to 4 pm., except Monday.

Jalan RE Martadinata (Wirobrajan) No. 69, Indonesia.
Phone. +62 274 376691
Opening Hours. 
Tuesday - Sunday at 8.30 am - 3.30 pm. 
Entrance Ticket. 
International / Domestic, IDR 1.000
Closed on national holiday, except with agreement before.

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