Yogyakarta events Date Posting: 23 February 2011

Tembang Pesisir by Slamet Gundono (Solo) & Dance "Jejak Sampah" by Ali Larinka (Jakarta)
Date : 24 February 2011 until 24 February 2011
Location : Kedai Kebun Forum and Restaurant

Event : Art Performance
Time :  07.30 pm
Place :  Kedai Kebun Forum and Restaurant

Besides Slamet Gundono himself, Ali Larinka, a dancer from Jakarta and known as one of Slamet Gundono's pupil will also perform at the show. Larinka will perform his own creation "Jejak Sampah", which inspired by which inspiration came from the grass, falling leaves, and scattered garbage around his studio. The sound of broom, which always accompanied him during his rehearsal, gave great influence to his dancing.

Contact :

Kedai Kebun Forum and Restaurant
Jl. Tirtodipuran No. 3 Yogyakarta
Java Indonesia 55143
Phone : +62 274 376114
E-mail : kkforum@indosat.net.id
website : www.kedaikebun.com

(Contact Person) : Phone : +62 274 376114 Kedai Kebun Forum and Restaurant

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